Princess Despina

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Personal Information

  • First Name Princess
  • Last Name Despina
  • Gender Female
  • Birthday May 27, 2003
  • Country Greece

Professional Details

  • Activity Artist
  • Speciality Classic Oriental Dance

Personal Details

  • About Me Princess Despina is a young but very talented and passionate belly dancer based in Greece. Despite her very young age she has performed at renowned events such as the Let’s Dance Belly Dance Festival in Greece, Tarazade Festival in Istanbul, Stockholm Belly dance Festival, the. Belly dance Evolution pre-show in Greece and many more.
    Furthermore she has had the opportunity to train next to master teachers such as Lia Verra, Nikolas Kazakos, Prof. Hassan Khalil, Mandy “AZIZA” Williams, Wael Mansour, Beata & Horacio Cifuentes, Sema Yildiz, Didem, Jillina etc. As of 2013, of the age of 10, she is under the artistic direction and exlsusively trained by the master teacher and worldwide performer Lia Verra and her partner Nikolas Kazakos . Under Miss Verra's traineeshipthe Princess has in the course of three years expanded into a semiprofessional. Her training is solely based on classical golden age oriental raq sharqi combined with classical ballet preparing her for performances next to master teachers and renown dancers.Extraordinary for her age is also the fact she is the first Greek minor to perform in Turkey and to be part of the pre-show at Jillina’s Belly Dance Evolution show in Athens, Greece.


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