Catarina Branco

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Personal Information

  • First Name Catarina
  • Last Name Branco
  • Gender Female
  • Birthday March 12, 1992
  • Country Portugal
  • City Lisbon

Professional Details

  • Activity Artist, Teacher
  • Speciality Classic Oriental Dance

Personal Details

  • About Me Catarina Branco is a Portuguese Oriental Dancer, Choreographer and Teacher, winner of 19 international prizes, 10 of them in Professional Solo category and 2 in Master category.

    Catarina teaches in Lisbon in Espaço Dançattitude and in Setúbal in Vitória Futebol Clube. She regularly performs in several international shows and events solo and with her award-winning group Mahasin.
    As a way to evolve, Catarina regularly travels to other European countries in pursuit of instruction and oppotunities to demonstrate her art by participating in international competitions and shows.

    If you are interested in learning to dance or organize an event with an oriental spice, contact me:


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