Anastasija Gavrilovic

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Personal Information

  • First Name Anastasija
  • Last Name Gavrilovic
  • Gender Female
  • Birthday December 1, 1996
  • Country Serbia
  • City Belgrade

Professional Details

  • Activity Artist
  • Speciality Classic Oriental Dance, Other

Personal Details

  • About Me Oriental dance artist based in Belgrade. She was born in 1996 and she fall in love with music and dancing as a little girl. She graduated from a music school and started learning oriental dance in December 2011. She is very grateful to the provided knowledge from her instructors and building her own unique style. Her biggest guideline is "Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist. " She is especially passionate for iraqi dance. She says: '' When I am dancing I like to feel the music and show mystery that is hidden in it, to open my hearth and express my emotions, to reveal with each movement something about myself. Oriental dance is my true love. The rhythm of my life. The shape of my existence. My lasting.''


  • Now
  • February
  • 2018
  • Born

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