Andrea Garcia
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Personal Information

  • First Name Andrea
  • Last Name Garcia
  • Country Ecuador

Professional Details

  • Activity Artist, Teacher
  • Speciality Classic Oriental Dance

Contact Details

Personal Details

  • About Me Andrea García was born in Loja-Ecuador, she graduated and became a System's Engineer at the prestigious Catholic University of Ecuador. In 2006 she started her studies of Arabic dance in Quito with the teacher Paola Flores. She had countless presentations which gave her the opportunity of being part of the Experimental Ballet of Arab Dances. Also, she was a co-founder of the Beda Dance School. She dedicated four years to manage and transmit her knowledge at Beda.
    In 2013, she graduated as a professor of Arab dance, a title granted by the Inter-American Dance Confederation and Pablo Acosta.

    In 2014, she decided to continue with her professional studies of Arabic dance in Argentina, she was determined to study with the prestigious teacher and dancer Saida Helou.
    In 2016, she graduated of the Saida Helou Arab Dance School receiving this title from Leyla Hassen School.

    For over 10 years she has been taken seminars with different international masters such as: Jillina, Dariya mitskevich, Diva Darina, Mohamed Shahin, Nour, Yousry Sharif, Amir Thaleb, Shahdana, Saidie, Igor Kischka, Yana Tsenoskoya, Ekaterina, Leandro Ferreyra, Alla Kushnir and Bosenka.

    Currently, she is based in Argentina, she is part of the prestigious Rakkasah Ballet of Saida helou as well as the staff of teachers of the school of Leyla Hassen.


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  • April
  • 2018
  • 2017

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