Patricia Passo

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Personal Information

  • First Name Patricia
  • Last Name Passo
  • Gender Female
  • Country Spain
  • City Madrid

Professional Details

  • Activity Artist, Teacher
  • Speciality Classic Oriental Dance, Tribal Dance, Other

Personal Details

  • About Me Anthropologist, Choreographer and Dance Teacher

    Creadora y Fundadora de Fusion Art – Centro Artístico y Terapéutico (Centro Anexo a la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid) en Madrid (España).
    Desde el 2009 creo, dirijo e imparto el DIPLOMA UNIVERSITARIO EN DANZA ORIENTAL y desde el 2011 el DIPLOMA UNIVERSITARIO DE DANZA TERAPIA, ESPECIALIDAD EN DANZA ORIENTAL, ambos en Fusion Art, Centro anexo a la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, España.
    He recibido el premio “Etimología y Defensa del Patrimonio Cultural” por la asociación cultural Cultura Viva de Madrid (España) y en el 2011 he publicado mi primer libro “Fusión. El Universo que Danza - Visión Antropológica de la Danza en oriente y occidente” (Editorial EMS – Madrid – España)

    Master in Performing Arts and Theory and Practice of Learning Dance by Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain. Patricia Passo created the first University Diploma of Oriental Dance, sharing the teaching with the work of dancer and choreography from different places in America, Asia, Africa and Europe. For many years, she lived in Spain and learned Flamenco in “Amor de Dios”, which is the school of Flamenco. During this time, she also travelled to India many times in order to study Gipsy Dance and “Odissi” classical dance. Patricia was able to live in small towns from distinct countries in Medium Orient and Asian, which allowed her to perform a broad fieldwork on ethnic dances and taking in contact with learning that is based on small gestures and attitudes of that people. After all these studies and experiences, Patricia was able to create the methodology called “Oriental Fusion Dance”. In 2011, she published the book “Fusion – El Universo que Danza” and in this same year the “Cultura Viva” Foundation granted her the prize of “Etymology and protection of cultural heritage”.


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