Laialy Suheil
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Personal Information

  • First Name Laialy
  • Last Name Suheil
  • Gender Female
  • Birthday November 27, 1970
  • Country Brazil

Professional Details

  • Activity Artist, Teacher
  • Speciality Classic Oriental Dance, Other

Personal Details

  • About Me Suheil is a professional dancer, with almost 30 years of experience in Bellydance. Choreographer recognized for her excellence, has received many awards in her career. In addition to a solid career as a classical ballet dancer (Ballet Nacional de Cuba), she studied with the best master teachers in the world. She was also qualified in "Bellydance Superstars" Search and at "Bellydance Evolution" (with Jillina)

    Suheil as a master teacher of dance and international performer, gave workshops and held concerts in Argentina, Peru, Mexico, Dominican Republic, USA (Los Angeles and New York), Portugal, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria and all through Brazil.

    Was host and producer of the first bellydance tv show in latin america - "The Art of Belly Dance", at the program "Simply Woman". She has 12 didatic dvds on the market and was also recently invited to join the "Ventreoteca" dvd collection.

    As a professional reference of this art, Suheil is the CD cover of the famous Arab singer, Tony Mouzayek and also the cover of "Shimmie" magazine (belly dance media).

    Creator of the "Academic Method for Bellydance" her teaching system is being used by many professional dancers and responsable for graduate thousand of bellydancers in the last 15 years. Also owner of "Suheil Seal of Recognition in Dance", she is responsible for approving and entering new talents in Brazilian Dance Market.

    Suheil is the artistic director of "Suheil Dance Co" and also at the shows in her own restaurant, "The Dracula´s Kebab".

    Suheil is a member at International Cance Council - UNESCO and acts, worldwide, at concerts, dance competition jury, workshops, and teaches classes and vocational courses.

    Her unique and charismatic style recreates the art of belly dancing, light, fun and modern, with an unmatched creativity.


  • Now
  • March
  • 2016
  • Born

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