Saffa Bellydance
Dance with Butterfly Wings

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Personal Information

  • First Name Saffa Bellydance
  • Gender Female
  • Country Chile

Professional Details

  • Activity Artist, Teacher
  • Speciality Classic Oriental Dance, Other

Contact Details

Personal Details

  • About Me I am a business woman, an explorer of life, art and dance. Passionate about travel, Arab culture, social networks and good gastronomy.

    Journalist by profession and dancer by vocation. 100% free and lover of the small details that color life.
    I am a founding partner of the DGC Communications Marketing Agency and I have developed extraordinary skills to have a lifestyle based
    between dance and marketing.

    As a lover of pedagogy, I have studied several magister in chatter and, incredibly, I have discovered that this is something that my clients love.

    Of course, I can not conceive life without a good cup of tea, a delicious chocolate, a hug from the people I love and, above all, without a lot, but a lot of dance.

    I'm Claudia Lillo Saffa, journalist, businesswoman, fashionista, friend and dancer.


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  • 2018
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  • 2016

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