An Odd Odyssey with Kristin Raeesi

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Dauntless Dance and Movement, Houston Avenue, Houston, TX, USA

"An Odd Odyssey," taught by Kristin Raeesi, focuses on folkloric dances to odd metered music and can be taken as a series or nibbled in individual units!

Class I (1/9): Intro to 9/8 Rhythm and Turkish Romani Dance
In this class Kristin will introduce you to the 9/8 rhythm and Turkish Romani dance. You will learn basic footwork patterns and how to layer on hip movements and arm frames/movements. She will also break down some basic finger cymbal patterns to use to this rhythm and will pair them with other movements related to this style of dance. Students will learn a short combination at the end if time allows.
*Please bring finger cymbals if you have them; if you prefer to drill movement only that’s ok too!

Class II (1/16): Folkloric Line Dances
In this class students will learn folkloric lines dances and their history/cultural context. Continuing with the 9/8 rhythm, Kristin Raeesi will teach variations of Tamzara, an Armenian line dance. She will also introduce the Kalamatiano, one of the most widely known social dances from Greece in 7/8 time. Time permitting Kristin will also teach one folkloric dance from Bulgaria, TBD.

Class III (1/23): Drum Solo Surprise!
For the final class, Kristin will teach students a drum solo that combines various odd metered drum solos and draws upon the movement vocabulary of several folkloric styles as well as common drum solo techniques to create an exciting and unique choreography that dancers can use at the end of a set or for other performances.

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