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Top 9 Bellydance Posts of August 2018

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Since several weeks ago we were worried about the status of the amazing bellydancer "Irakeh", who disappeared suddenly from Instagram because of the iranian government repression. Somebody told us she could be imprisoned and even severely damaged, so we decided to post one of her videos to report the situation and Thank God! Irakeh and some of her friends contacted us and told us she is ok, just hidden, with her profile locked. And she is as much amazing that she took the first position again! Please, take a look to Irakeh's video and algo notice the videos of the first two winners of our #orientalisimosummerchallenge Dancers from Argentina and Ukraine won a Full Pass and discounts for our festival Orientalísimo Weekend.

The list is closed with an amazing flash mob by Fernanda Guerreiro with live music by Artem Uzunov, that will also teach and perform on our festival. Look for #iwannadancewithartem on Instagram, and learn how you can dance with Artem Uzunov at Orientalísimo Weekend!


9. 3.652 Likes - Fernanda Guerreiro & Artem Uzunov (Brazil / Russia)


8. 3.870 Likes - Dasha Bryska  (Ukraine)


7. 3.941 Likes - Natalia Akula & Vlada (Russia)



6. 4.219 Likes - Macarena Palermo (Chile / Argentina)



5. 4.248 Likes - Dos Lunas Danzas Árabes (Argentina)



4. 4.259 Likes - Jinhee Kim (Korea)


3. 4.530 Likes - Haydee (United States)


2. 5.391 Likes - Natasha Korotkina (Ukraine)


1. 6.434 Likes - Bellydancer Irakeh (Iran)

Bellydancer Irakeh dancing with books over head


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