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Top 9 Bellydance Posts of April 2018

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With 12.433 likes, El Fen, from Cyprus, has been the protagonist of the best video of April on our Instagram, followed so close by Fleur Estelle's company, from United Kingdom, that enchanted our followers with their nice choreo and colorful skirts. Masculine genre has again a place on our top 9, this time represented by Jonathan Lanna, from Brazil. Jinhee Kim once more, this time dancing a drum solo by Artem Uzunov. Badra Gamal closes the list delighting with her natural way of enjoying the dance.

Folklore is also present in our top 9, don't miss the moroccan dance by Esraa Warda and the turkish gipsy dance on 8th position.


9. 4.368 Likes - Badra Gamal (Chile)

Badra Gamal


8. 4.591 Likes - Turkish Gipsy (Turkey)

Turkish gipsy dance 


7. 5.108 Likes - Jinhee Kim (South Korea)

Drum Solo by Jinhee Kim and Artem Uzunov


6. 5.188 Likes - Esraa Warda (Algeria)

Moroccan dance by Esraa Warda


5. 6.075 Likes - Ónice Flores (Honduras)

 Ónice Flores, Honduras


4. 6.656 Likes - Jasirah (Poland)

Jasirah, Poland


3. 7.937 Likes - Jonathan Lanna (Brasil)

Jonathan Lanna, Brazil


2. 12.231 Likes - Fleur Estelle Company (United Kingdom)

Fleur Stelle's company, United Kingdom


1. 12.433 Likes - El Fen (Cyprus)

 Bellydancer El Fen, Cyprus

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