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How to Price Your Show

December is here, and it means that holiday season is about to start! Busy dance times are also often associated with stress caused by pricing and negotiating details with clients... Do you wonder what price to say for your 20-min show? Or maybe someone is asking just for a one 5-min dance?

Here is my pricing formula that hopefully will help you too:

My Minimum Rate (for 5-25 mins show)
Extra (if client wants a longer program)
Extra (if the event location is too far from the city I'm based in)

How to find your minimum rate?

1) Do your own research on the price range available in your city. It is important to know what is the lowest and highest possible price that a potential client can find. Then see where according to your dance skills you can fit in this range, so that price & quality of your dance show match the market. 

2) Do not price your show with the absolutely lowest price available. Undercutting will not bring you more business. Even if you may think that you got a good number of gigs, your expenses (energy, time, health and even financial, such as costume repair, etc.) will still be much over from what you get in return. In addition, you will be stuck with a certain type of clients, and it will be extremely difficult to raise your pricing in the future.

3) Do not give a price choice for just one 5-min dance. Firstly, most of the clients will try to get the cheapest option. Secondly, performance rates do not correspond with the rates per minutes, or hours. Think about all the time that you put into getting ready for a specific show: rehearsal, costume check, hair, make-up, travel time, possible waiting time, and your day-to-day training.  Would it really make much of a difference for you at the end if you perform for 5 mins, or for 10 mins longer? Think of a price that you'll be ok to invest all that time for, and then offer it as a quote for a show up to 20/25/30 mins long. If the client wants a shorter performance - no problem, but the price stays the same. ;)

And don't worry if someone starts complaining about your pricing. You just need to reach the right audience. Good luck with your upcoming holiday gigs!

With love,




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